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Arizon has everything you need to keep your ice hockey rink in top shape

Hockey Domes & Indoor Ice Rinks

Ice Arenas typically require a large initial investment, high operational/maintenance costs, consistent needs for building maintenance due to high moisture and extreme temperatures—choosing Arizon™ Structures to build your next indoor ice hockey rink or ice skating enclosure will solve all of these issues.

Arizon Hockey Domes and Ice Rink Domes

Arizon™ Structures save you up to 90% of the cost of a conventional brick & mortar building—and can be built in just 10% of the time!  Arizon is the only fabric structure company that regularly builds hockey and ice arenas and its our own inflation and cooling systems specifically designed to maximize ice rink energy efficiency and safety.  Furthermore, Arizon™ is the only company that also owns a dehumidification company, Vital Air Technologies, to further reduce any humidity/moisture issues associated with indoor hockey rinks and ice domes.

More advantages of an Arizon Ice Hockey Structure:

  • The Arizon™ Cale Grid structure is constructed using materials that are impermeable, non-corrosive and have all of the required UV and fire-retardant inhibitors to meet code for long-term use.
  • The miles and miles of vinyl-coated galvanized steel aircraft cable, which encapsulates the membrane of the dome, guarantees long life and allows the structure to be designed to the same environmental requirements equal to any construction, as per code.
  • Our custom designed Johnson Air Rotation and Vital Technologies cooling and dehumidifation systems are built in-house and are many times more efficient than conventional or competitor systems.
  • With the long-term, proven track record and extended life of today’s Arizon™ Cable Grid structures, investors can now look seriously at an Arizon&trad; Indoor Ice Arena as a profitable venture.

Arizon Hockey and Ice Arena Air Structures have favorable real estate tax exemptions and depreciation rates

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