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Softball & Baseball Domes and Indoor Buildings

Arizon builds the world’s finest and most cost and energy effective solutions for baseball, softball, and batting range domes, indoor softball and baseball fields, and multisport buildings.  Our baseball and softball fabric structures are used by professional teams, universities, community colleges and municipalities.

Arizon Baseball Domes and Softball Diamond Air Structures and Buildings start at just a 1/3 of the cost of conventional construction!

Benefits of Arizon™ Indoor Baseball, Softball, and Batting Cage Domes & Multi-Sport Buildings:

  • Unlimited large, clear-span structures, designed for any climatic conditions.
  • Combine track, soccer, football, baseball, softball, tennis, swimming and many other sports.
  • Total stability; no visible structure movement in high winds, ice or snow storms.
  • Long structure life due to elimination of fabric fatigue and tear propagation.
  • Design acceptance by architects, designers and project developers.
  • Acceptance by financial institutions.
  • Available for seasonal/temporary or year round/permanent use.
  • Safety acceptance by conventional insurance companies.
  • Discounted insurance rates due to the Arizon Structures Grid exceeding minimum design standards and equaling or exceeding conventional construction standards for wind and snow load.
  • Businesses, universities and municipalities are able to provide premier, indoor facilities for students and/or communities at a fraction of the cost.
  • Private entrepreneurs are able to develop large, indoor sports centers for any application with guaranteed success due to the low initial investment, favorable tax classification, short-term depreciation, guaranteed performance and long projected life.

Satisfied Customers

Eastern Michigan University

EMU Eagles Flying Higher with Arizon
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Oakland Yards

The Ultimate Multisport Dome
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