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Arizon Air Supported Domes are perfect for swimming pools structures

Swimming Pool Domes

Arizon Structures is a leader in the construction of temporary and seasonal domes and structures for swimming pools.  From home indoor swimming pools to large natatoriums, Arizon Structures has covered them all!

Arizon Indoor Swimming Pool Domes and Air Structures

Furthermore, Arizon Structures is the only company in the Air Structures industry that builds its own inflation, heating, cooling, and/or dehumidification units.   We build all of these mechanical systems at our headquarters in St. Louis, MO and save you the significant costs of the “middle men” that other air structure manufacturers must pass on.

Outstanding Features and Benefits of an Arizon™ Swimming Air Structure:

  • Exceeds standard building codes such as AISC, BOCA, ICBO, IBC, CSA and NFPA 701.
  • With the unique Arizon™ Grid System, the structure can withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour as well as snow loads up to 50 pounds per square foot.
  • Proven performance of over 25 years.
  • Fire retardant, translucent or opaque, mildew and fungus proof, and UV resistant.
  • Translucent fabrics reduce lighting costs.
  • Provides immediate, short term and long term coverings.  Require only light construction.
  • Flexible—can easily be taken down and moved to another site.
  • Ability to change inside air up to 6 times per hour.
  • Provides players with ideal playing conditions.  Protects players and fans from weather.
  • Costs up to 90% less than traditional buildings such as “brick and mortar”, “steel and glass” and metal.
  • Can provide a wide range of R-values.

Satisfied Customers

Memphis YMCA

Seasonal Pool Air Structure
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City of South Lake Tahoe

Seasonal Pool Dome Extends Swim Season
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