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Arizon Tennis Domes are the official tennis dome of World TeamTennis

Tennis Domes & Tennis Bubbles

Arizon Tennis Domes & Tennis Bubbles

Since the early 1960’s, municipalities and private operators have been enclosing tennis courts using air-supported “tennis bubbles” or “tennis domes” rather than conventional indoor tennis court construction, especially where seasonal enclosures were required. Initially, this decision was based on huge cost savings, lease options, IRS approval of short-term depreciation, and the seasonal flexibility of these systems.

While early tennis bubbles often had poor lighting and acoustics, the tennis air structure industry still grew very rapidly and allowed for the industry to invest in proper R&D. As a result of our industry-leading research and technology, Arizon™ Air Structures provide highly translucent structures which eliminate lighting needs during daytime hours, facilitate solar gain and minimize overall heating requirements, and utilize quality, indirect-lighting systems and state-of-the-art HVAC and auxiliary systems that use our own, in-house Johnson Air Rotation Systems® Technology. These technological advances eliminated the negative aspects of tennis domes’ original designs and created a system that actually became superior to conventional metal building or brick & mortar construction for indoor tennis centers. The fee structure or hourly rate established by the metal building or brick and mortar tennis centers is based on their higher overhead. As an Arizon™ Structure Tennis Air Structure Center owner, greater profit margins are realized when charging standard hourly rates and realizing the benefits of lower overhead. It is for this reason that indoor tennis domes are highly profitable. Arizon provides complete turnkey facilities, optional financing and insurance, allowing the tennis club owner to develop the exact system required for their particular needs with minimal involvement or interruption to their ongoing business.  Learn more about why Arizon Structures is the leading manufacturer of fabric structures.

Outstanding Features and Benefits of an Arizon™ Tennis Air Structure:

  • Exceeds standard building codes such as AISC, BOCA, ICBO, IBC, CSA and NFPA 701.
  • With the unique Arizon™ Grid System, the structure can withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour as well as snow loads up to 50 pounds per square foot.
  • Proven performance of over 25 years.
  • Fire retardant, translucent or opaque, mildew and fungus proof, and UV resistant.
  • Translucent fabrics reduce lighting costs.
  • Provides immediate, short term and long term coverings. Require only light construction.
  • Flexible—can easily be taken down and moved to another site.
  • Ability to change inside air up to 6 times per hour.
  • Provides players with ideal playing conditions. Protects players and fans from weather.
  • Costs up to 90% less than tradition buildings such as “brick and mortar”, “steel and glass” and metal.
  • Can provide a wide range of R-values.

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