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Save time and money with Arizon Structures

Time and Cost Advantages of Arizon Structures

Arizon Structures cost 1/3 or less of the cost of conventional construction/building

Whereas brick & mortar buildings cost at least $200 per square foot, frame supported fabric buildings start at $20 a square foot and air supported domes and air structures can be as low as $15 a square foot.

Arizon Structures are energy efficient

Arizon Structures are also highly energy efficient.  Even air supported structures have utility costs equal to or less than those of similarly sized conventional buildings.   Arizon’s structures are particularly efficient due to our in-house manufactured Arizon Air Handling Systems—saving our building owners at least 50% in energy costs over prebuilt, non-optimized systems purchased by our competitors.  Additionally, Arizon can use other energy efficient features such as translucent roofs to eliminate or reduce needs for daytime lighting.

Arizon Structures are the fastest way to build a clear or open span

Arizon air structures, air domes, and fabric buildings are manufactured at our Granite City, IL and St. Louis, MO factories in fewer than 45 days.   Following transportation to the job site, the structures can be erected in just three to seven days with minimal site preparation.

Arizon Structures have huge tax advantages

Arizon Air Structures, Air Domes, and Fabric Buildings also have significant tax advantages.  They can typically be classified as “equipment” or “personal property”.  In terms of depreciation, whereas a traditional structure is amortized over 40 years, air structures are amortized over five to seven years.

Arizon Structures require limited maintenance

Whereas a conventional structure requires significant maintenance, an Arizon air structure or fabric building is comparably inexpensive and easy to maintain.  Arizon offers a complete maintenance guide for building owners, a 24 hour maintenance hotline, and also offers service agreements to keep your buildings in excellent shape for decades.

Arizon Companies also offers attractive financing options for our customers.

Contact us today to learn more about the many cost benefits of choosing Arizon for your next open span building.